STILLWATER, N.Y. – There are big games, big plays and usually some big runs in high school football games.

When you are to check off all three boxes as the quarterback of the Stillwater Warriors and do it on your final regular season game against an undefeated opponent for your homecoming game in front of a packed house and seal the Class C Central title, it’s ‘Mission Accomplished.’

Senior James Glarneau did that and more Friday, calling his own number on 10 different occasions and running for 250 yards and four scores as the Warriors torched previously undefeated Fonda-Fultonville 42-7 at Warrior Stadium.

“Our lineman, those guys up front, Max, Cody, Rhett, Brian, Justin, Caleb Dyer are animals,” Stillwater head coach Ian Godfrey said. “They are animals, they do exactly what we coach them to do and they are great kids to top it all off.

“As for James, I said it to somebody tonight, there is impressive and then there is what James Galarneau did in the first half. We're just so happy to have him and Mason (Seymour) put together a team effort.”

Several of Galarneau’s 78-, 72-, 48- and 9-yard plays were not scripted, but rather green lit during the week.

“I knew coming in that the coaches were going to trust me to make some plays,” James Galarneau said. “They told me before that I was probably going to get a little bit more touches tonight, big game.

“I just wanted to do for them, I wanted to do it for the community, and they’re all behind me. I've never felt so much support before in my life this past week and I love playing here and it's all for Stillwater.”

When it wasn’t the signal caller racing down the sideline for the score, it was the compact running back, Mason Seymour with his punishing rushes against the Braves going for 155 yards on his 18 carries and two scores.

It was Godfrey’s faith in his back and his line that made the decision easy on a fourth down at midfield early the second quarter and up by two scores to go for it.

“You have to get a vibe for how the game is going,” Godfrey said. “I like to take chances, Mason Seymour is our long snapper too, so the kid has been taking a beating, do I want to have him long snap or just go for it.

“We liked out match-up. I'm always going to err on betting on my kids and we have for the past four years and I'm going to ride with them.”

Seymour delivered a three-yard run for the first down and on the next play, Galarneau busted out a 48-yard touchdown run.

“They were trying to fly to Mason (Seymour) a little bit tonight especially and I saw our O-line just give me enough of a crease that I could take it and try to make play and that's what we were doing,” Galarneau said.

Stillwater’s 35-0 halftime lead came courtesy of Galarneau’s four scores and a late TD by Seymour to send an early message that the ride back to Fonda-Fultonville would be a long one for the Braves as the Warriors defense shut down the opposition on third down seven out of 11 times.

“We knew coming into this game that offensively they ran through (quarterback John) Mancini who is a fantastic athlete, so getting after him was important, making him uncomfortable, making him throw the ball a little quicker than he wanted to,” Godfrey said. We got after him a little bit.

“They had a couple of nice screen calls against our pressure, but overall I think we had a well-executed game plan.”

With the Class C Central title and the best record overall (6-0, 7-0) the Warriors will be a No. 1 seed in the playoffs and the road to the Super Bowl will go through Stillwater.

“Last year we had some things happen, some out of our control, some late injuries, and different things like that,” Godfrey said. “We played a really good Chatham team in Chatham; it's a tough place to play. This year the focus has been 'Nothing is handed to you.'

“You went to the Super Bowl the year before and we knocked out in the first round last year. These guys have had a bit of a chip on their shoulder, a little sour taste in their mouth I think and this was a great step forward towards redemption.”

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