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Church sings its own praises

Sound Off

Is it just me or does somebody else see some shameless plugging going on in god's name from the Northway Way Church with Pastor Buddy and his wife? I am sure they are very nice people and I've always been a glass half full, so therefore I kept watching and waiting to give this big church this big box, rock star church a chance to finish their $1 million building on the corner of my neighborhood. 

And in regards to the article in last week's Community News, Pastor Buddy quotes that 'God is madly in love with us and Jesus was sent to build us up, not beat us up.' Hmmm and I assume those words mean the reason I do not see a crucifix anywhere outwardly on this church, a Christian church, showing us that this indeed is indeed a Christian church. Maybe it is just not yet complete. 

No Jesus does not want to beat us up, he was sent to teach us here that there is life after death and that we need to be reminded he is the reason for the season. And yes as tragic and unsightly as his death was it did happen, he was killed on the cross. Whether one believes he son of god or not, he did die on the cross simply trying to teach us that there is something better after death, teaching us humility and kindness and that heaven exists.

The plugging of reinvesting $100,000 in our community I assume he means the gazebo on his church property because the bike path was already there and also providing school backpacks and feeding the homeless and honoring and helping veterans is also what my church does, but doesn't advertise in the local newspaper.

Congress shouldn't throw stones

Before congress members start throwing stones at our president, maybe they should check into their own family’s history. They might be embarrassed when the skeletons come crawling out of the closet.

Halfmoon Town Hall holiday event shines

A few weeks ago I brought my little one to the town hall, the Halfmoon Town Hall I believe it’s called to see Mr. and Mrs. Santa, to go on the horse and buggy rides. The horses were gorgeous, oh my goodness, they had face painting, they had a magician, they had balloon making and you had your photo taken with Santa. There was also another photo booth, a bake sale; there were way too many things to mention. She absolutely loved it. I loved bringing her. It is so nice that everyone takes the time to do that. I'm sure Kevin Tollisen is probably the header-up of it. Thank you so much. 

I'd also like to put a side note, somewhere along the line I lost my favorite pair of leather gloves, looked all over; finally I called the town hall. Believe it or not, someone had turned in my gloves. So whoever that person was, who was kind enough to turn them in, thank you so much! 

You've just done a great job with the town hall. I understand there is an Easter Bunny which I didn't realize that before. When that time comes, we'll be there, but I think I'll sign up to volunteer to give back to the community. Happy Holidays Sound-Off and everyone who participated in this great event.

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