My name is Darryl Giannetti. I am a candidate for the Shenendehowa School Board. My wife and I have lived in the district for 25 years. Our three sons all graduated from Shen and benefitted greatly from the quality education available from our schools. In these challenging times, I am running to help ensure that current and future students have the same opportunity that my children had.

The upcoming school district election and budget vote is the most important for our school district in years due to the Coronavirus. The economy in Saratoga County is under great stress.  Local governments may have to increase property taxes or reduce services or staffing. The state has a serious budget deficit and, unless there is significant federal assistance, school aid may be reduced. Most importantly, when our schools are finally allowed to open, education for our kids will likely be very different from what we knew just a few weeks ago.

The decisions our School Board will make in the upcoming months will have significant impact on our students, teachers, and taxpayers for the foreseeable future and perhaps a generation. Our school system exists to create an environment where every child can reach their full potential. In order to protect the health of our children, the way our students learn in the future is likely to be much different than previously. We must ensure that our children have the tools to be able to succeed in this new normal. Likewise, our teachers are key to maintaining the high standards of learning we have enjoyed. Educators in the Shen schools are doing heroic work to replicate the live school experience through online instruction. We need to ensure that they have the support and resources to do their jobs. We need to make fiscally responsible decisions that prioritize directing resources to the classroom. Lastly, the school board is a vital link between the school system and the community. It ensures that a community’s values are reflected by the District. In these challenging economic times, I will serve as a champion for the taxpayer and ensure that there is a strong fiscal oversight of our budget.

I believe I have the experience and background to balance the needs and desires of our students, teachers and community. I am a graduate of the University of Michigan and with a Masters in Industrial Management from Georgia Tech. I have spent over 30 years in business building relationships and solving problems. I also have the benefit of being married to a teacher who worked for 20 years in Capital District Schools. I also served as Vice President of the Shen Hockey Boosters and appreciate the value of extra-curricular activities for our kids.

All votes for the School Budget and Board of Education will be by absentee ballot and must be received by the District by June 9. I would appreciate your consideration of my candidacy when you complete your absentee ballot. Thank you.

Darryl Giannetti

Clifton Park


They say the personal is the political, and there are few elections more personal than those that shape the future of our children. Especially in these tumultuous times, school board elections have become more important than ever in our local political system. We need strong leaders to advocate for our children and families on the Shenendehowa School Board. We need leaders like Darryl Giannetti.

I’ve known Darryl for almost 25 years since my family moved to Clifton Park. I grew up with his oldest son, and the Giannetti household was always a home-away-from-home for me. Even though I left the area shortly after college, visiting the Giannetti home is a must every time I come back to the area. They were integral to my childhood, and I consider Darryl and his wife a part of my extended family. Knowing Darryl for so long, I know how committed he is to seeing his community and the future generations within it grow and thrive.  It is this kind of experience, expertise, and dedication that we need on the school board.

As a graduate of Shen, I benefited from a high-quality education that gave me a great foundation for college and led me to a career in higher education. I want to see Shen continue to inspire future generations and have committed leaders shaping its future. That is why I encourage you to vote for Darryl on June 9th. Especially in these unprecedented times, Darryl is willing to do the hard work needed in the coming years. I know that with each decision that will cross the School Board’s desk, Darryl will have the community's students’ and families' best interest at heart.

In the coming year, as our schools begin to adjust to new realities, we need to remember the importance of these local elections and the need for leaders like Darryl.

Matthew Sokol                                 


Re-elect Naomi Hoffman to the Shenendehowa School Board

I’m seeking your support as I run for re-election to the Shenendehowa Board of Education. For the past three years, I have done my best to live up to the trust that you placed in my abilities and credentials. This work has been rewarding but also challenging, particularly during this pandemic.

As a board member, I will continue to do all I can to ensure that our students thrive during this unusual time and that the budget preserves programs and educational quality and equity. My husband, Bill, and I have lived in this district for 26 years and have two children, one in high school and one a proud Shen graduate and freshman in college. Our children's entire educational journey has been in Shenendehowa.

I have a BS in accounting and an MBA, both from SUNY Albany. My professional experience includes 20 years in the public and private sectors: 5 years as an auditor for the NYS Comptroller’s Office, another 5 years as asset manager for the NYS Teachers Retirement System; and 10 years as manager of compliance and audit for Kitware, a local research and development technology company.

As a board member, I serve on several committees and partnership teams, including those related to auditing, policy, curriculum, technology, cultural diversity and the environment. Understanding the importance of professional development, I took courses to help me better understand our most at-risk students. Among the most memorable was a multiday Diversity Symposium that included training in anti-bias hiring practices and using STEM as an equalizer. In April, I was elected to a three-year term as a member of the Capital Region BOCES Board, which serves 24 school districts throughout the region.

As a volunteer, I promote Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) programs with an additional emphasis on the importance of the arts. STEM provides children an opportunity to learn and grow academically, socially, and emotionally. I spend many hours ensuring that enrichment programs like FIRST Lego League (FLL), Junior FLL, and Odyssey of the Mind are available for our students. I also continue to support the work of the PTAs. I continue to teach programming classes and coach robotics teams in middle school and Odyssey of the Mind teams for K-12.

I am open to new ideas and focus on the students’ needs at all grade levels. I am passionate about public education, and I'm determined to find solutions that prepare students to become better communicators and problem solvers in our ever-changing world.

 If re-elected, I would continue to use my experience to serve and build trust among my peers, administrators, teachers, staff, parents, community members, and, most importantly, our students to build upon Shenendehowa’s success.

I am ready and excited to continue this work. My experience as a parent, professional, board member and volunteer uniquely qualify me to serve on Shenendehowa’s school board. Please spread the word and vote to re-elect Naomi Hoffman before June 9.

Naomi Hoffman

Candidate for re-election to the Shenendehowa Board of Education


All letters relating to the upcoming June 9 school district budget vote or the board of education race must be received by 2 p.m. June 2. Maximum length is 500 words. Letters can be emailed to or 

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