I was hoping to relay a message to the person responsible for delivering the Clifton Park/Halfmoon weekly newspaper that's on everyone's driveway in the blue plastic bag.

Please stop.

All it is doing is littering the neighborhood. I live in Calico Colony and the neighborhood has tons of bags all over the road. I picked three up in front of my house yesterday, that weren't mine. Either put them in the U.S. Mail, leave them at the markets, or don't deliver them.

Deborah Salsburg

Clifton Park

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This is an open letter to drivers in Clifton Park. Aggressive driving is worsening around town, and you are putting the safety of yourself and others on the road at risk every day.

Every time I am out, I see people running state red lights, tailgating, cutting others off, speeding. I am teaching my daughter to drive, and I have bright yellow "student driver" magnets for all sides of my car. For those that are respectful - thank you. Unfortunately, there are many that drive aggressively around us due to the magnets.

Just today, we were waiting to enter the NB onramp for the Northway and traffic was backed up. The woman behind us must have been in a rush because she was blowing her horn at us to risk damage to my vehicle and for us to use the shoulder to access the onramp. She blew past us anyway and almost hit my car in the process. There was another time we were sitting at a red light, waiting to make a right turn.

My daughter did not have a clear view of oncoming traffic coming from the left, so she waited for the light to turn green. Again, the person behind blew their horn steadily. To those of you in such a rush to get somewhere: Wherever you need to be will still be there 30 seconds, a minute or 2 minutes later.

Saving that time is not worth the lives you are risking in the process.

Melissa McNair

Clifton Park

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