Shenendehowa Board of Education, District and Regional Education Leaders Remember a True Champion for Education

The Shenendehowa Board of Education and school community mourns the loss of our board colleague and friend, Gary DiLallo. We are feeling the gravity of the enormous loss of an important voice, deep thinker and wonderful human being who provided so much to each and every one of us.

After retiring from a long and fulfilling career as social studies teacher, varsity coach, teacher, and union president for Mechanicville City Schools, Gary chose to give back to his community and spend 19 years leading, advocating, guiding, mentoring us, his peers within our governing body.  His presence among us remained exemplary, always remaining true to the three requirements New York state expects of school board members...being accountable, trusted and dedicated to the pursuit of excellence for all students and staff. 

The following tributes and comments attest to the many positive effects that Gary had and will continue to have on the Shenendehowa district and public education in general, and profoundly so on his fellow peers and colleagues:

“Gary always presented such an introspective and complete understanding of all aspects of education. He could speak so eloquently to the administrative side of a topic and then be able to connect it to state wide and federal legislative activities. Godspeed Gary.” Deanna Stephenson - Shenendehowa Board of Education President

“Gary was a man of honor with great integrity, wisdom and deep faith--a true gentleman. As a seasoned board member and leader, he is leaving a lasting impression and positive impact. I will miss Gary's endearing smile, witty banter, and profound insight on education and on life. We are all better for knowing and learning from Gary. Be at peace my friend and watch over us." Christina Rajotte - Shenendehowa Board of Education Vice President

“The most remarkable thing about Gary was his tenacity and courage over the last two years to address society’s shortcomings to end racial inequity. At every opportunity he made it clear to us that not enough had been done, and that equitable changes to what we teach, how we treat students, hire teachers and administrators were not only well within our purview, but compelling, ethical and necessary. In February of 2019, he advocated that two powerful videos were placed on the board agenda, way ahead of recent advocates.  Gary could have avoided the topic and rested on his laurels, but advocated until his last board meeting.  We are such a much better board from his strength of conviction to address racial and economic inequity.” Robert Pressly - Shenendehowa Board of Education Member

“Through my seven years on the board, Gary was a constant source of guidance and mentorship. He always put our students, teachers and staff first in every discussion and decision. His trusted, honest feedback will be missed. He cannot be replaced and will never be forgotten.” Todd Gilbert - Shenendehowa Board of Education Member

“As my mentor, colleague, and friend, Gary was always incredibly thoughtful, kind, and especially patient.  He understood the importance of civility and respect…and was a model of both.” Naomi Hoffman - Shenendehowa Board of Education Member

“Gary was a wealth of knowledge and a wonderful guide for the newer board members.  The loss of his presence will be felt by all.” Gusta Miller - Shenendehowa Board of Education Member

“We are all fortunate to have had the opportunity to cross paths with a man who was true to his spiritual convictions and a steadfast commitment to excellence, here at Shen and in public schools across the state. Gary DiLallo was one of the good guys.” Dr. L. Oliver Robinson, Shenendehowa Superintendent of Schools

 "Gary was an extremely conscientious Board Member.  He would examine an issue and investigate every detail surrounding it before forming an opinion and then he'd work hard advocating for it.  His research was very helpful to me in my various school board positions." Lynne Lenhardt BOCES Board Member

"Gary was an impassioned advocate for the students of our region. We will miss him very much" Kevin Kuther BOCES Board Member

"Gary always did what was right for children, he was an impassioned advocate for equity, he questioned, he supported, he was a kind and gentle man who we will all miss incredibly but he will never be forgotten" Anita Murphy - BOCES District Superintendent

“Gary will be remembered for his capacity to listen and look at many sides of an issue. That is a trait that we value in a board member.  Our thoughts are with you, the Shenendehowa community and Gary's family at this time.” Fred Langstaff NYSSBA President and Robert S. Schneider NYSSBA Executive Director

Gary A. DiLallo was a true public servant and positive gift to the Shenendehowa Central School District and public education in general.


Shenendehowa Board of Education, District and Regional Education Leaders

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