Dear Editor:

When Clifton Park adopted its “Town Center Plan” in 2015, part of the vision was to “create a more-vibrant center of activity throughout the day and night with a reasonable mix of commercial and residential uses supporting one another.” The recently proposed 5-acre restaurant/brewery complex in the Town Center is not compatible with the goal of more-attractive mixed-use commercial center of activity.

The site is adjacent to the newest elementary school and its athletic fields, the newly acquired 37 acre Town Park, the YMCA and the Bentley Condominiums, a 55+ community. The proposed project includes a 10,000 sq. ft. restaurant, an outdoor “venue”, and parking for 250 vehicles. It is not a restaurant – it is an entertainment complex. The noise disturbance alone from outdoor music and other events will have a negative impact on the condo community, all of whom are elderly, and potentially the school/YMCA. The increased traffic will undermine the vibrancy and walkability of the area and subvert the plans for a quiet, serene Town Park where residents can go to enjoy nature. This is not my definition of reasonable.

If I had my druthers, I would prefer that this project find less intrusive location. The Town should encourage the developers to find a more compatible site.

Joseph Nial

Clifton Park

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