Letter to the editor:

RE: In a cave

In a cave that is pitch black with zero illumination, no one can see who the other people are. We know that there are other people in the cave, but we cannot tell who they are.

We can talk to them and hear what they are saying, but that is all. Perhaps we can tell if they are male or female, provided they are adults and have developed adult voices. However, we can’t tell the color of their hair, nor the color of their eyes. It is impossible to tell the color of their skin. In the pitch blackness, no distinguishing features can be ascertained. How tall are they? How much do they weigh? Are they old or relatively young?

The only thing that is 100 percent certain is that they, like us, are human. We all react to danger. We all get hungry and thirsty. We all worry. We all wonder about the future.

Now visualize a cave with just two people in it. They are the last two humans alive on Planet Earth! One is a 150th generation male from the remotest area around the Arctic Circle. He is aged 18. The other is a 150th generation female from the deepest darkest forests of Equatorial Africa aged 18. NOTE – 150 generations would be about 3,750 years.

Would the human race survive? Of course, it would. After all every one of the SEVEN BILLION PEOPLE alive on this planet are in reality just one race. THE HUMAN RACE.

Isn’t it time to stop separating us into this race or that race based on the color of a person’s skin?

Edward F Wagner

Clifton Park

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