Care Links of Southern Saratoga County needs help

I am writing today with a plea for help. The senior population of our area is growing faster than our number of volunteers. This is causing a problem in serving their needs, especially in the Clifton Park/Halfmoon area.

Care Links of Southern Saratoga County was established in 1996 to “link those in need with those that care” thereby enabling persons 60 and older to continue to live independently in their own homes. Volunteers are the core of Care Links in the provision of no-cost supportive services including transportation, respite, shopping and errands, handyman help, friendly visiting, telephone reassurance and support groups.

But we are in trouble.

Today 36 older residents of Southern Saratoga County, your neighbors, and often their caregiving families, need your help. Due to ever-increasing requests for support they have been placed on a “waiting list” for services as we do not have a sufficient number of volunteers.

We have eight seniors who are “waiting” for rides to destinations such as doctor and hospital visits, outpatient appointments including dialysis, visits to spouses who are in hospitals and nursing homes, and shopping for needed groceries. Another big need is the twenty eight “waiting” for relief through respite, a conversation with a friendly visitor or someone to do their shopping.

Can you help us by volunteering? Care Links is very flexible in its scheduling and we have opportunities for all ages, from children to seniors. If a couple of hours a week or one day a month or whatever time works.

Thank you,

Francine Rodger

Clifton Park

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