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Landscape engineer Scott Lansing discusses plans for the Impact Athletic Center with the Halfmoon Town Board

HALFMOON, N.Y. — The Town Board has received conceptual plans to build a two-story, indoor recreational facility on Route 146.

The plans were reviewed by board members during the Oct. 16

Town Board meeting as part of a presentation on the concept by landscape engineer Scott Lansing. Lansing is representing Litchfield Holdings LLC of Clifton Park, the company seeking to build the facility.

Using a bird’s eye rendering of the proposed facility as a visual aid Lansing said the company seeks to build the Impact Athletic Center Planned District Development on a vacant 32.7-acre parcel on the south side of Route 146. The site is approximately half way between Route 9 and Route 236.

The land to the west of the project site is designated as the site for the proposed Halfmoon Healthcare Campus. Directly to the east is the Fellows Road PDD, a mix of single family and multi-family residential units. Access to public water and sanitary sewer is available along Route 146.

The parcel proposed for the athletic center is zoned R-1, residential, and will need a zoning change through the PDD legislation.

The state Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation website designates the site as being within and archeological sensitive area. According the project’s narrative filed with the town’s Planning Department an archaeology Phase I study was completed and submitted to the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO).

The Phase I findings noted that the area of potential effects included five acres of the total acreage that is buildable and fronts Route 146. The narrative notes that around 2013 the land was cleared of vegetation and likely graded. A series of archaeological test pits confirmed the earlier grading of the land. A letter from SHPO earlier this year indicated the project will have no impact upon cultural resources in or eligible for inclusion in the State and National Register of Historic Places.

When built out, the site would have an athletic facility with a first floor footprint of 55,000-square feet and a second floor mezzanine level footprint of 17,785-square-feet. The complex would have six basketball courts, a large training room, several small exercise studios, locker rooms, daycare, snack bar, office space, a small retail area and several areas for teams to congregate between games.

As a PDD the project must demonstrate community benefits. During his presentation to the board Lansing noted the business itself should be viewed as a community benefit and added that ownership was open to discussing its use by the town’s summer camp program.

Board comments at the conclusion of the presentation centered on board members’ concerns with the parking lot’s lighting potentially effecting residents living nearby and the facility’s hours of operation. Lansing assured the board that the residential homes would be considered in the final plans and that the lighting would be directed downward. Though the exact hours of operation has not been set he said the facility would generally operate from sometime during morning hours to 10 p.m.

Though the conceptual plan was presented with the hope the board would vote to move it to the Planning Board, Town Supervisor Kevin Tollisen advised Lansing to first solidify the community benefits being proposed. The project will return to the Town Board at a later date.

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