CLIFTON PARK, N.Y. — The Clifton Park Highway Department will start a stormwater improvement project Sept. 8 on Berkshire Drive West in the Sherwood Forest neighborhood.

The project will excavate a 10-foot deep trench that is 100-feet long on Berkshire Drive West between the street’s intersections with Sheffield Drive and Stratford Drive. The work is being done to replace a collapsed, 15-inch stormwater main that runs between two catch basins.

The work will include painting of work zones, open trench excavation, and the frequent travel of trucks and equipment. All work will be clearly marked.

Town Highway Superintendent Dahn Bull said part of the pipe has suffered a structural failure and is collapsed under the street “flat as a pancake”. The main’s failure became obvious to residents who live in the area shortly after a storm passed through Aug. 4.

Bull said the possibility of repairing the problem by relining the main and avoiding the excavation work was deemed impossible when the extent of the failure became apparent.

“With the pipe crushed we had to excavate,” he said. “There’s no other way. If we can get four days of good weather we can get it done by Sept. 11. It all depends on the weather.”

Once construction commences, non-residents are being asked to avoid the area of Berkshire Drive West between its intersections with Sheffield Drive and Stratford Drive if at all possible. Crews will be on-site to assist residents directly impacted by the construction area. Residents are asked to refrain from parking closely to the construction site.

During the construction period, road closures may occur and residents may be asked to park their vehicles on the street.

“We’ll close one street off completely but we’ll have it open to residents who live there,” Bull said. “We’ll make sure they can get in and out.”

He added that he is asking any walkers and bike riders give the work a good separation in order to prevent accidents because some areas may be uneven.

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