Pete Bardunias

Chamber President and CEO Pete Bardunias

Scouting and the “Good Scouts” who help make it happen will be featured at the Hilton Garden Inn in downtown Clifton Park on Thursday, May 23 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m..  The scouts will be showcasing some of their skills in various outdoor-themed activities. 

“I began my Scouting journey as a Cub Scout at 6 years old and continued through Eagle Scout,” says Greg Szczesny, one of the co-chairs of the event whose son Max is active in Scouting.  “Scouting is the premier junior leader program available to youth that stresses personal and spiritual growth while emphasizing service to others.  It gets youth outdoors and working with their peers and trained adults.”

Co-chair Gregory Bruno of Capital Bank adds, “I started with Scouts about four years ago. My son brought home a flyer about the program and this was an opportunity to involve him in activities other than the typical competitive sports offered in the community. I eventually became his den leader, got to spend more time with him and shape his experience within the program guidelines. We look forward to our Monday night den meetings, monthly pack meetings and of course the camping.”

This year’s event will highlight skills that the scouts obtain as they advance through the ranks. 

“Our two distinguished honorees encouraged us to incorporate local Cub and Boy Scouts and Scouting activities into a Scouting in Action Expo,” said Szczesny.  “We hope that members of the community who have boys and girls in the various Boy Scouts of America programs, those who have previous ties to Scouting as a youth, and those who are interested to learn about Scouting attend our event to see today’s Scouts in action.”

Joyce Maddalone of Mother Teresa Academy and I are being recognized at the event as this year’s “Good Scouts”. I’m already practicing my outdoor skills but the Scouts are way ahead of me.

“Our two honorees were selected for their tremendous impact on area youth,” says Szczesny.  “Joyce has left her mark on a generation of our youth, teaching responsibility, acceptance, respect, and patience.  Joyce also devotes countless hours assisting those in need through her Mother Teresa Cancer Awareness Fund.  Pete is a tireless advocate for our Southern Saratoga region and works with community and business leaders to expand our youth services.   He supports Scouting behind the scenes, coordinating service projects benefiting various regional organizations.”

Bruno shared the reason behind his passion for this event. “I’ve seen the positive changes in my son and I wish more people would allow their children the opportunity to experience the program. This is a great way to promote the good that Scouting offers.”

-Pete Bardunias, President/CEO, the Chamber of Southern Saratoga County

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