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Pete Bardunias.

Clifton Park and the surrounding area is experiencing a great period of growth, and there is much optimism for the future.  Much of this sentiment stems from tourism.  Clifton Park has reached critical mass with its hotels, and the concern of course is that oversaturation will make it too hard for some to compete.  However, the good news is that we are the first community north of the hustle and bustle of Albany County that has a comprehensive offering of hotel rooms to fit every budget.  Whether it be business travelers, vacationers, long term stays or couples seeking a night out, Clifton Park has a suitable place to stay. 

There’s a reason the Chamber of Southern Saratoga County (CSSC) has been investing its scarce promotional dollars into things like downstate media publications, the Exit 9 Rest Area, the “Discover Clifton Park” initiative, and nearby fairs and festivals.   These efforts will raise awareness of our community among those who would consider a stay here versus one further south or north.  And perhaps we can even attract people to our area that wouldn’t even have considered an upstate visit had they not known about the things to see/do in these wonderful communities!   Examples of this would include so-called “historic” tourism, agri-tourism, canal sightseers, rail fans, and new corporate employees/business travelers.  This market really is an untapped one for our community – lets be sure to make the most of it!

Southern Saratoga tourism includes some unique venues often not thought of in planning an upstate New York visit.   For example, the CSSC is once again hosting, administering and promoting the two-day Waterford Canal Festival on May 18-19 in conjunction with the Village of Waterford. Companies looking to promote themselves to both transients a and residents alike would do well to sponsor/exhibit at the Festival this year!

There’s another type of “tourist” that might bring a big boost to this community, at least in the short term:  the business traveler or construction worker helping to build a new factory or other development site in our area.  We saw this phenomenon when GLOBALFOUNDRIES was being built, and so efforts should be made to bring more companies to our area who would produce the same result.  There are many great ways to fill hotels, and every time a tourist stays here it means a more prosperous Saratoga County for all.

Tourists may even stay here for events farther upstate, for example, Thurman Maple Days up in Warren County (March 16-17, 23-24, 30-31) or the Great Upstate Boat Show in Queensbury (March 29-31).  Visit our events calendar at for more information.

-Pete Bardunias, President/CEO, the Chamber of Southern Saratoga County

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