HALFMOON, N.Y. — A local developer has submitted site plans to the town seeking approval for a 111-unit residential subdivision to be built on Staniak Road.

Documents for the proposed Hank’s Hollow subdivision were submitted to the town July 10. A presentation on the project was made at the July 27 Planning Board meeting. The project developer is Bruce Tanski.

Plans call for 111 residential building lots on a 141.6-acre parcel at 73 Staniak Road. The land is divided by the road with 93.8 acres on the north side and 47.8 acres on the south side. The parcel is owned by Edmund Rucinski.

The land was formerly a farm. There is an older farmhouse, barn, detached garage and several out-buildings on the northern parcel. It has large areas of grass fields, brush and wooded areas including a ravine with a tributary of the Anthony Kill.

The land is zoned Agricultural-Residential (A-R) and is within the boundaries of the Northern Halfmoon Generic Environmental Impact Study (Northern GEIS). Permitted uses in the A-R zone include single family dwellings.

Several small Army Corps of Engineers wetland areas totaling 0.31-acres are located along the unnamed tributary. An archeological study is underway and the results will be submitted to the state Office of Parks Recreation and Historic Preservation for review.

The project proposal calls for building 106 single-family homes in a residential cluster design on the northern parcel only. The homes would have minimum lot sizes of 12,000-square-feet each. While the width of the lots’ front yards would vary between 70-feet and 75-feet, each lot would be 175-feet in depth with 10-foot side yard setbacks and 15-foot rear yard setbacks.  

Public water is accessible from a newly installed 12-inch water main along Staniak Road. Access to the trunk line of Saratoga County Sewer District No.1 will be made on the north side of the parcel and will require several easements from neighbors. There would be approximately 5,500 linear feet of roadway with utilities serving the interior of the subdivision and two access/exit routes to Staniak Road.

According to the submitted documents, the northern portion of the parcel has 75.18-acres of developable land. Were a conventional subdivision layout used instead of the cluster layout a builder could put 122 homes on that portion of the parcel.

The land on the southern side of the road is to be subdivided into four, smaller single-family residential lots and one large lot. The four lots will have access to municipal water and individual septic systems. The large lot is to remain undeveloped at the present time.

According to the project plans total open space is 52.9 acres of which 34.36 is considered quality open space, contiguous, “and provides aesthetic quality that will help to preserve the character of the area”. A portion of the open space fronts Staniak Road which should preserve the visual quality of the road corridor as well as areas adjacent to the Zim Smith Trail corridor.

After hearing the presentation the Planning Board referred the project to appropriate agencies as well as its engineering consultant.

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