Nomad Coworks

The building at 1 South Barney Road where Nomad Coworks is located

CLIFTON PARK, N.Y. — If your home office is feeling a bit cramped and access to broadband internet is becoming more of a challenge, a co-working space may be the answer and now there is no need to drive beyond the boundaries of southern Saratoga County.

Local businessman James Lewis-Van Vorst has opened Nomad Coworks, 1 South Barney Road, Clifton Park, a co-working space that is flexible and affordable for business professionals.

A graphic artist, Lewis-Van Vorst seeks to fill the void between commercial office space and working from home. In a phone interview last week he said one of the reasons he opened the business was to give local residents an alternative to driving into the cities for co-work space.

Having the space in Clifton Park also allows them an opportunity to avoid the Northway commute if they so choose.   

“If you’re working from home and you want a convenient place to go to work, the closer the better in my opinion is the way to go and this does that for people in the Saratoga, Clifton Park, Glenville area,” he said. “Avoiding the Northway commute is another reason.”

Like many people, Lewis-Van Vorst was a remote worker who was working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. After a length of time in that arrangement and being the father of four kids Lewis-Van Vorst found that he wanted a way to separate his home life from his work life without having to rent a traditional office or executive suite.

“I think this offers a little extra than a traditional office space,” he said. “There is a conference room available, Wi-Fi, a break room with coffee and water service, and printing, scanning, and copying access. The goal is to be a community of people across different industries. It’s a good way to meet new people and expand your network.”

Longtime locals recall the building as having private offices, including the office of its builder the late Robert Van Patten, the father of Clifton Park’s suburban growth as well as a fine dining restaurant. Lewis-Van Vorst said the building’s present owner opened up what had once been three separate office suites for Nomad Coworks.

 The 1,200-square feet of space has an open, co-working room with individual desks and chairs, a private office, a conference room and a breakroom. In addition to the space, the broadband, and copying services, the business offers members a professional address and a mail service.

A variety of memberships with various prices are offered such as a monthly membership with private office, full-time co-working membership with open seating, part-time co-working with open seating, day pass, and a virtual membership which offers members a business mailing address, a mailing service and two hours of conference room time each month.

Lewis-Van Vorst said there is a multitude of busy professionals found throughout the Upstate New York area, and since Clifton Park is centrally located between so many cities and towns it adds to the much-needed convenience factor that’s being sought.

“The flexibility and affordability offered by the co-working model gives small businesses, entrepreneurs, and remote workers an opportunity to utilize an office setting within the community,” he said. “Co-working is a great alternative solution to finding a cost-effective, productive place to work.”

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