CLIFTON PARK, N.Y. — A new CDPHP medical facility located at 1785 Route 9 is now open for business. The facility, nicknamed 1785 because of its address, has many state of the art technologies and amenities and is described as "the doctor's office of the future."

1785 is a unique partnership between CDPHP, Albany ENT & Allergy Services, Albany Gastroenterology Consultants, Capital Cardiology Associates, and Capital District Renal Physicians, who all have services in the new building. There is also an in-house pharmacy, an in-house lab, a patient education center, telemedicine pods for virtual appointments and consults, and valet parking among many other features.

"The building is a symbol of what you can do when people come together," said Dr. John Bennett, president and CEO of CDPHP, at the ribbon cutting for 1785.

"It's a wonderful addition to all the medical services we have in the town," said town supervisor Phil Barrett. "We're happy and proud to have them here."

The facility is already seeing patients. With so many different services centralized in one building, it creates a one-stop shopping experience where all medical needs are served without having to schedule multiple appointments or drive to multiple sites.

"This is a proud day for all of us. We're delighted to call Clifton Park home," said Dr. Gavin Setzen of Albany ENT & Allergy Services.

"The office will hopefully be a model for collaboration," commented Dr. James Puleo of Albany Gastroenterology Consultants. "When we first started talking about this place, we all called it the doctor's office of the future. Well, here we all are today. It's not the future anymore - it's here."

1785 represents two of CDPHP's driving goals as an organization:  to protect the medical field and ensure doctors were able to independently practice the way they saw best, and to focus on quality customer care.

All practices partnered at 1785 are independent practices, and will remain so while simultaneously benefiting from collaborative opportunities that will undoubtedly form within the facility.

All the bells and whistles at 1785, including a privacy room for nursing parents, electric vehicle charging stations, a refreshment center, and a kids' nook, will provide patients with as many comforts and conveniences as possible to help appointments be as pleasant as possible. That's on top of the ease of having so many services and specialists under one roof.

A patient, for example, can see a doctor and get bloodwork done. The results of that bloodwork would be back from the lab within hours if not sooner, because it's not traveling any further than a couple of floors. Based on the lab results, the doctor can arrange to have the patient see a specialist, who is conveniently located down the hall. As the patient is getting ready to leave, they can pick up any prescriptions from the doctor's appointment at the pharmacy before checking out.

All of this in one day, at one location.

"We are proud to partner with other regional medical specialists, as well as CDPHP, to launch this new venture in Clifton Park," commented Dr. Lance Sullenberger with Capital Cardiology Associates. "This collaboration is the new fulcrum in the delivery of specialized, compassionate care."

"I'm thrilled to be celebrating the opening of this truly innovative medical facility," said Dr. Thomas Schumacher of Capital District Renal Physicians. "While you will certainly be impressed by our new facility and its amenities, the partnership and our commitment to our patients is really what's important."

"Our team has done an extraordinary job to break ground and transform healthcare," said Bennett.

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