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Election Day thanks to King of Kings Lutheran Church

Sound Off

I just want to call and thank the people that worked at King of Kings Church on Election Day, especially the church people. They were wonderful, they fed us. I as a poll inspector was very pleased with the King of Kings Church on Crescent Road and the minister there was absolutely wonderful to us all. Thank you again.

Thanks again for annual Friendship Dinner at Shen

We attended the Friendship Dinner at Shenendehowa last night put on by the Key Club and the advisors and I would like to say thank you, thank you, thank you. It was a very enjoyable, superb meal. It's always nice to see those friendly faces on the kids. Thank you!

What about other college commitments?

I am a 17-year resident of the Shenendehowa School District, I'm a parent of three current students and I'm calling regarding the photograph on the Friday, Nov. 17 issue of the sports section. 25 Shenendehowa Student-Athletes celebrate their college commitments. I happen to have athletes in my house, but I also happen to have three very talented children and I know that there is a lot of talented in our community. I know there is a lot of seniors who sign their commitments to their college of their choice for the fall. How about putting a picture of those kids that aren't athletes in making their commitments once in a while. We do have more kids talented in our community than just athletes.

Editor's Note: The Community News sports department (Stan Hudy) has partnered with the Shenendehowa Athletic Department for more than a decade in communicating and arranging these college commitment events for media throughout the Capital Region. Other signings, mentions, listings can be considered if it is arranged/requested by the school district and space permits within the free weekly publication. Other arrangements could potentially be made for the on-line site, www.cnweekly.com due to space restrictions.

Keeping my camper in my driveway

I'm calling in regards to the person who complained about campers being in the driveway of Clifton Knolls West homes. All I can say is that it's my property, I have the right to have it there if I choose and if you don't like it, don't look at it, just drive on by or change the laws.

Holiday cheer can't hide the mess

Putting up tacky holiday decorations in a yard full of appliances, furniture and mattresses is like that old saying of 'putting lipstick on a pig,' it does not make it look any better.

Vote 'Yes' Dec. 5

I'm urging everyone to get out on Dec. 5 and vote for the 34-acres that the town has offered to buy from the school board. Saving this land would be a great move, not just for Clifton Park, but for people around the area because everyone would be able to use this land for hiking or whatever else. So please get out and vote on Dec. 5 and vote 'Yes.'

Cable bill too high

I would like to know why Saratoga County does not have Verizon Fios? And I would like to know why the cable companies around here are allowed to keep raising their rates and not giving any discounts for seniors or handicapped people? Something needs to be done about it. The seniors can't afford the increases.

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Mowing down paradise for a chosen few

There is a section of the town bike/walking trail that runs through Park Lanes, Meadow Estates, Summer Hill and The Oaks that now resembles the aftermath of a hurricane or forest fire. The destruction of these meadows and preservation areas was the decision of only five residents of the 140-resident neighborhood without community permission, five board members re-allocated dues to mow down vegetation in areas that back to their homes and homes of former board members.

These individuals have continually complained to others that when they bought their homes 20 years ago the realtor promised them a view and now that this lush reservation area now blocks. They also foolishly think that this will stop mosquitoes. Now they tell residents of this community that mowing down these areas is to prevent future drainage issues. However, the exact same vegetation grows throughout the rest of this neighborhood and many other neighborhoods in Clifton Park and does not need to be torn out.

No vote of the residents was taken and no cost or proof of a fair bidding process has been shared either. This is why all neighborhoods should become part of the park district and be managed by the town. The town engineers do not require, nor do they recommend mowing down any open space parcels to prevent drainage problems. Vegetation actually helps the drainage and prevents flooding. It also provides homes to our wildlife.

So to anyone who was wondering why it looked like a hurricane or tornado just swept through these sections of our bike trail, they can thank the five individuals who did this to these Clifton Park preservation areas.

Dems double standards for actions

I'm getting sick and tired of the Democrats and their double-standards. Roy Moore was accused with no proof of groping or molesting a girl 30 years ago. They want him to resign, they want him fired, they want him gone. The comedian Al Franken has pictures of groping a girl and a statement where he did inappropriate things to her and they ask if he should resign and they said 'No,' let's wait and see what the facts are. 

Well you can't have one guy resign and the other guy saying 'Wait for the facts.' You people are incredible, you've lost your mind, that's why Trump won and everybody knows it.

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