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End statute limitations on sexual assaults

The sexual abuse headlines open an opportunity to end the statute of limitations for such abuse. At age 15 my daughter was tricked, held against her will, threatened and subjected to hours of abuse. Her mind snapped. She repressed the events until flashbacks at age 23. We cannot press charges against the monster who still lives in our community and who has a child of his own. Let's end the statute for cases of sexual abuse.

Thanks to Crescent Estates South

Extending a very special thank you to the residents of Crescent Estates South for their donations to the Vischer Ferry Volunteer Fired Company's Toys for Tots fundraiser. Your generosity was overwhelming and heartwarming. Even though Crescent Estates South is served by different fire companies everyone came together for this great cause. Because of your donations children will receive a special gift this Christmas that might not otherwise be given one. Again, thank you to everyone that gave.

Pick a horse for your sport

The connection between Saratoga County and horses is indisputable. As parents consider what sport creative outlet is good for their child remember equestrianism. We are lucky to have excellent barns and instructors with schooling horses in our area. You don't even have to own your own horse, but once experienced you may want to.

Rick Kelsey made a mark in Billy Bathgate locally

I enjoyed the recent article 'Stylist follows dream' in the Community News Nov. 10. I had the opportunity of serving as an extra in the movie 'Billy Bathgate' which was partially filmed in Saratoga Springs years ago. We would arrive at least two to three hours early for hair and make-up to be done prior to filming. Everyone wanted to be in the line where Rick Kelsey was doing hair for the production each morning because he made everyone look great, much better than other talented hair stylists on board. We are fortunate to have him right here in Clifton Park.

Van Patten Drive common ground, not dumping ground

About every couple years this pops up again. The people whose property backs up to Van Patten Drive have to be aware that the strip of land behind their fence and the street is town property, not their private dumping ground for all their lawn refuse. Not only is it an eyesore for all of us that have to drive home, there is also a safety factor when it blows out in the street. Please be aware that we all live in the same neighborhood and have to live with each other.

Agree with Country Knolls West Sound-Off

I agree with the woman who wrote about Country Knolls West starting to look trashy. Junk out on the front porch, piled up on the side of the house. This stuff should be stored in the basement or the garage. They have no pride in their property.

Clifton Knolls West camper Sound-Off reply

I would like to respond to the person from Country Knolls West that made that statement that he thinks his camper in his yard is beautiful and that anyone who doesn't like it being there should just move or just don't look at it at all. As a 38-year resident of Clifton Park I would like to remind this person that many new developments over the past 20- to 25-years try to handle this and similar situations by incorporating deed restrictions on homeowners’ right from when you purchase your home. This is a more prevalent problem than many people would think. With his off the cuff response to the people who object to his camper being parked there, the only like response that I would have for the camp owner would be 'A. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,' 'B. Maybe he has the wrong ideas to who should really move,' and 'C. I guess we are all stuck waiting for someone to come up with a way to make his beautiful camper invisible to all the rest of us.'

Halfmoon dog park an eyesore

I would like to ask the current Halfmoon administration why would you take a beautiful piece of land on one of our main highways, being very visible, put up many feet of chain link fence and call it a dog park? If you wanted a so-called dog park this was the wrong place. Lower Newtown (Road) was the right place. You have undone all the good things this past year. Somebody didn't see the big picture. This is a disgrace.

Vote No on Shen land sale 

Worried about your school taxes? Then wake up Clifton Park, your school board is throwing away a million dollars and large school tax revenue forever. Vote 'No' or don't complain about your school taxes.

Vote 'Yes' Nov. 5 for land sale

As December 7th is etched in our hearts as a day to remember so will be Dec. 5 when we all vote to make the 34-acres a park for all our descendants. Be a part of this historic effort. Don't forget to vote.

Confederate flag assumptions incorrect 

Now let me get this straight, someone in this column is going to condemn an individual for having a Confederate flag in his yard and I repeat 'his own yard.' You're going to somehow make a connection to the Klu Klux Klan and the hateful Alt-Right? In your accusatorial bigoted viewpoint did you ever stop and think perhaps these folks have some connection to their Southern heritage or just showing solidarity to a culture that has been maligned and slandered? I'm going out on a limb here and bet that this family loves and respects the United States and actually stands for the Nation Anthem.

Confederate flag Sound-Off reply

I'm calling in response to the Sound-Off column in this week's paper that mentioned that somebody wrote in saying that they saw a Confederate flag flying in Clifton Park at someone's home and he thinks the authorities should look into that. Well that's ridiculous. Whether you agree with the idea of a Confederate flag or you don't regardless it's not illegal, no one is violating a law, so consequently if people want to fly the Confederate flag they have every right to do so.

Cuts hitting Sound-Off readers

I just read in Sound-Off where a 70-year-old woman who said her food stamps were being cut. She's living on a fixed income. They'll cut her food stamps, let her be cold, let her go hungry while she's worked her fingers to the bone all her life, but we'll let these people who make a living off welfare will get them all they want, free college, go ahead and let the people from Puerto Rico come in. They won't have a job, won't pay taxes. I just got my paycheck today; over $500 was taken out of my check for taxes, a lot of it for New York State. What the heck is Cuomo doing with our tax money because I don't see anything that's benefiting me? Whenever he has a cut it's not me, the single person with children, out of the home, all grown up. I never get a cut, but I'm always being asked for more taxes. That's not fair.

Running unopposed is wrong

I think it’s amazing now that the town council for the Town of Clifton Park runs completely unopposed. I remember the days when the candidates used to go door-to-door and actually meet the voters, talk to the voters, maybe get some ideas, and express some opinions or whatever. Now the idea of them running unopposed they don't do that anymore so we don't have the opportunity to talk to these people unless we go down to the town council meetings and present something before the whole board at one time. I think it's a shame. It used to be one-on-one, used to be very helpful and I think we had more ideas being shared at that time. Now there are no ideas being shared with the board.


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 New York now a refuge state

I just heard on the local news that people from Puerto Rico, a ton of them, are going to be coming to New York. O.K. great. Their island is devastated, I understand that, but they're coming to New York instead of being dispersed throughout the country. Don't you think your taxes are going to be raised to pay for this influx of people coming in? They're not going to have jobs or anything like that. Why do liberals keep voting in Democrats who constantly pork you for more taxes over and over again? When are you going to wake up?

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