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Reply to John Gray column

Sound Off megaphone

Regarding John Gray's opinion piece -- We don't live in Nazi Germany or North Korea.(Inaudible) for our freedom to express our opinion. The stadiums are paid for by the public and they're public venues. Protests, taking a knee or not to protest a country, our miliatry, the flag or the country is to protest against people being treated as second-class citizens. Get is straight.

Indian Bowl winners and losers

This past Friday, Oct. 6 the coveted football game of the titled Indian Bowl game was played between Stillwater and Mechanicville High Schools with Stillwater ultimately winning the game. Congratulations to the Stillwater team and to both teams for the respect and good sportsmanship they showed each other.

However I could not say the same for the Stillwater coaches who decided just two hours before game time to switch quarterbacks. The senior player has been on the team from freshman to present and does a great job. This was indeed his moment. He could never recapture that moment again. I'm wondering how he must have felt and how it will effect his outlook on sports. The quarterback who was chosen is a sophomore. No offense intended towards him, he did a great job. I feel both players were put in a terrible position as was a close-knit team. So, to the coaches winning is everything. You have no sportsmanship and guess what boys, this is not the NFL. What a shame. Thank you Sound-Off.

Look for horse waste, not at your phone

I think it's wonderful that people are able to ride horses at the Vischer Ferry park. As for the person who complained that they stepped in a pile of horse waste I think perhaps is it possible they were looking at their cell phone while they were walking instead of looking where they were going? That happens all too often today.

Flags and more, not just lawn jockeys on display

I just wanted to comment on all they comments that have been coming in on the barbershop on the corner of Moe and Clifton Park Center. No one mentioned how patriotic that corner looks with all the flags that he has up and the military statues. I also remember reading something in the paper when he opened that he volunteers his time at the local nursing homes and cuts hair. He also does veterans, none of the good was ever mentioned, it was just people attacking him on a statue and I just think if you're going to talk about his statues you should talk about the American flags. I'm proud to drive back that corner every single day.

No kneeling during the national anthem

Well here's another sign that New York State is in further decline. I just heard on New 9 there that people in New York State agree with the people, the football players kneeling down for the national anthem. That's not right. The national anthem is a sign a symbol of our strength. You stand up, you take you hat off, you put your hand over your heart and you sing the national anthem.

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More deaths, more photo ops

Mass shooting unbelieveable carnage of the innocent. Let's send our thoughts and prayers and photo ops with no real action from the politicians. Let's not talk about guns, its too soon. Hurricane disasters, let's send policitians to throw paper towels at suffering people. Let's not talk about what we might do about climate change and make real hard decisions. What a pathetic response to both tragedies. Photo ops and political inaction.

Cuomo's wrong plan for Puerto Rico hurricane support

I had to laugh the other day. I hear Emperor Cuomo complaining that Trump's administration should have had people and equipment down in Puerto Rico before the storm. Really? You're going to put all them people and all the equipment right down there in harm's way so it can get destroyed like everything else down on that island? Cuomo, what's the matter with your? What is the matter with you? Must be rough to go through life hating everything.

Democrats after guns again

Democrats didn't take very long to go after gun control after the shooting in LA. Right off the bat gun control, gun control. If they were so concerned about gun control why aren't they doing anything about what is going on in Chicago, massive murders there yet you don't hear one person say anything about gun control. Is it possible because the state is run by a Democrat? And the Democrats are up for re-election, they're not calling for any gun control because they know better. And when incidents happen, massive killings, its for a gun-free zone because they know that nobody's going to be coming anytime soon to stop them from killing however many people they want to kill. As Americans we have a right to defend ourselves.

Political scare for Halloween

Well with Halloween back again I thought I would tell everyone a real spooky story. Barach Obama is back and he's 'It' the clown because he loves to hurt America and he's a clown and Michelle is there too dressed as the 'Hamburgler' because she loves to steal our good food and Hillary is there and she's dressed as an eraser-head because she wants us to forget all about her e-mails and Joe Biden is there too and he's dressed as Judge Lance Ito.

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