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Save the old meeting house

I am appealing to Pastor Greg Staples and the congregation of Clifton Park Baptist Church to please work with the Town of Clifton Park and its interested neighbors to save the old meeting house that is a part of the rich history of Clifton Park. This is a landmark in our town and should be preserved for future generations. Please do not erase an important part of the historic heritage of our town.

Thanks to town Highway Department for snow removal

I just wanted to thank the Town of Clifton Park Highway Department for clearing Westchester Drive near the pump station and tennis courts. A vehicle had parked their during our recent ice and snow storm and the plows had to go around the vehicle numerous times, creating a hazard for the people who live on the street. Days late the owner finally moved his vehicle leaving behind a mound of snow and ice.

With one phone call to the town's highway department on Friday, Dec. 29, the road was plowed and salted within 20 minutes. The highway department did an excellent job in responding to a very hazardous condition and should be commended for the job they did. 

Town of Clifton Park residents should realize that there is no parking on the streets during an ice or snow event according to the town's web-site. So please access the web-site under winter weather parking reminders for further information regarding Clifton Park's rules and regulations for snow and ice storms. Thank you to the Town of Clifton Park's Highway Department for a job well done. Your hard work is truly appreciated more than you know by the residents of Westchester Drive.

Agree or disagree, you still need to print it

I'm commenting on the incivility or not civil comment made by the person about the barber shop cross and I agree that people should be civil, but we are in a democracy and I do agree with the barber shop owner. He has the right to put up anything he wants on his property and I'm all for that, but as far as printing we have to print what people say and it's not always going to be civil, unfortunately. 

RV and snowplow eyesores

To the caller who complained about his neighbor parking an RV in their driveway, I've got a much worse situation - parked on the grass in a culdesac right in the middle of my neighborhood sits a snow plow. This eyesore is now the focal point of our development. To make matters worse, our HOA board members are collecting money on the side from the contractor who owns it even though this is prohibited by our by-laws. Parking of these commercial vehicles in our development is prohibited by our by-laws. To add insult to injury our driveways are always like sheets of ice and have only been cleared once this year despite numerous storms. I'd take an RV in a driveway over my current situation any day.

A snow angel for Christmas

The true meaning of Christmas. I truly believe god sends us angels when we are in need. My son being too ill all weekend, Christmas weekend to clear my driveway left me snowed it. An angel of mercy who had been plowing across the street from my house drove over and cleared my driveway without even being asked. When I wanted to pay him he said 'No thank you. Have a Merry Christmas.'

This gentlemen was truly my Christmas angel and a gift from god. From the bottom of my heart I thank you. God bless you. - A very greatful senior.

Hitch cover theft at Hannaford

To the person that stole my husband's trailer hitch cover shaped like a boat propeller from Hannaford's shopping lot on Jan. 11, we'll be watching for you to put it on your truck. That propeller was a gift from his parents. It's very upsetting and so rude.

Not a fan of roundabouts 

I hope the City of Cohoes reconsiders the roundabout. People living near them have a hard time crossing since the traffic is continuous. No right on red would be more logical as I've seen people waiting in the middle of the street because careless drivers are flying onto Ontario Street without stopping.

Follow-up on fires

Fires, fires everywhere and no one knows why. Why are there almost no reports on causes. Always the news report ends saying the cause is being investigated, but nothing follows. People need to know about the causes so such disasters can be avoided.

Too much salt not good for anyone

I wonder if the highway departments have ever heard the phrase a little goes a long way. It seems like this year they are just really going overboard with the rock salt when it comes to storms. Even though the roads have been in pretty good condition, the amount of rock salt that they're putting down everywhere seems to be too abundant. You can't even see the lines in the road anymore and its constantly a cloud of rock salt dust in the air as the cars proceed to grind it into powder. So, maybe if they stop using as much and used the right amount things would be a little bit better.

GOP tax increase, Halfmoon fails pre-payment abilities

How disgusting that after the GOP passes a law to raise our taxes an enslave our children to death just three days before Christmas the Republican Halfmoon Supervisor writes a confusing letter about property tax pre-payment. As a receiver of taxes can't be bothered to make sure the on-line payment button is ready before the deadline. They seem more committed to implementing the GOP tax increase on middle class families than providing aid to the very citizens they were elected to serve. Now that it's clear the GOP was lying when they promised to cut our taxes. If the Republicans who presided over this betrayal don't retire in shame, let none of them run again without a challenger for this betrayal. And to the Community News publication, if you can't be bothered to print accurate stories about how many middle class families who will see an increase in their taxes and decrease in their home values as a result of this legislation please step aside and let journalists who are committed to telling the truth serve this community.

Shut out at transfer station

This is in regards to the transfer station. On Saturday, Dec. 23 I attempted to use the transfer station and dump some garbage at 12:20 p.m. and it was closed. About 25 minutes later (inaudible). When I got home I called the town clerk and left a complaint message as to why the station was closed on Dec. 23 at 12 o'clock when it's closed Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Those days I can understand, but why did you close the transfer station at noon on Saturday. I don't understand it and that's what I was trying to find out. On Monday, Dec. 26 I received a nasty phone call from the town clerk (name omitted) screaming at me and would not let me say a word. When she was done screaming at me she slammed the phone up in my ear, not letting me say anything. I think this is very unprofessional and should not be tolerated by any town official. I couldn't understand why the station was closed at 12 p.m. Saturday, that's all I wanted to know and I couldn't get an answer, still didn't get an answer from them. I think it's time for (person) to step down because they do not know how to handle people. This is no way to treat a taxpayer that pays their salary. 

Sound-Off hacked?

Dear Sound-Off Hotline staff, based on last week's Sound-Off I think you've been infiltrated by Russian robots. 

Santa teams up with Jonesville FD

Thank you to the Jonesville Fire Department for riding through my neighborhood, Dutch Meadows with the Fire Department's trucks and sleigh with Santa on them. Absolutely georgeous. My kids loved it. Thank you again.

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GOP passed it, live with it

Well, President Trump and the GOP just passed the tax bill, tax reform. Pelosi and Schumer are up there saying that they got to have bi-partisan participation and if they had bi-partisan participation they would have a better deal. Where were you on the last eight years when Obama had this control and you jammed down ObamaCare down our throat, it's all different now isn't it, Chuckie, Nancy. New York is going to take a hit, yes, because we're taxed so high. Why should the rest of the non-high taxed states bail us out because we just keep voting these tax increase people in year after year after year. Maybe now you'll vote these guys out that want to raise our taxes. We are the highest taxed state in the United States besides California and the other Democratic controlled red states. Let's see how this works out, but we'll take a hit, you know what, we deserve it. We voted them in.

Weather tomorrow, not next century

I'm listening to the local weather, there is a storm coming in tomorrow, a snow storm, but they can't tell me how much snow we are going to get because they are unsure yet. All the computers they use are in disagreement so they don't know exactly how much snow we are going to get. That's tomorrow, but the computer models can tell me what the weather is going to be 50 years from now and tell me that there is global warming. Really? You can't tell me a day ahead what the weather is going to be, but you can tell me 50 years from now?

No solidarity in pay at Golden Globes

Just heard on the news this morning, cancel that. All the girls out in the Golden Globe Awards all wore black in solidarity for women, but I just found out this morning in TV that Michelle Williams who played the women on 'All the Money in the World' show with Wahlberg there, Markey Wahlberg, got $80 a day and Wahlberg got millions for his part in that movie. Guess they really don't care about equality, they just want to bang on people's door for publicity purposes. I don't know what it is. They're not unifying and their not consistent, they're a bunch of hypocrites.

NIMO helping Puerto Rico, Cuomo continues blame

Sitting her watching Channel 9 News about Puerto Rico. They said that the crews down there, NIMO crews have been working 24/7 since the storm. That's a lot of work. That's a lot of damage. To have Cuomo go up there and blame Trump for not doing enough, I don't think anybody could do enough. That was a disaster. The whole island got devestated and Cuomo's got something to say about Trump.

Wanting to buy 'Wall Bonds"

During the 1940s our parents and grandparents bought war bonds to help with the war. I wish the government would issue 'Wall Bonds' to help build the border wall. I would buy them for me and my grandchildren with pleasure.

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