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Not loving that dirty water

Sound Off

I get water from the Southern Saratoga County Water Authority, Exit 10, 11 and 12 through Clifton Park Water Authority. Once again we have unhealthy water. From the beginning we had unhealthy water, now we get a notice that there is unhealthy water again. Why do we have to be subjected to this water? Why can't we get out of the Saratoga County Water Authority and go back to the Clifton Park well water? This is ridiculous. It's unhealthy. We're 35 miles away from the Moreau Facility, right then and there bacteria gets in the pipes. It's too far away. It's not working out. Take us out of the Saratoga County Water Authority; put us back into the well water.

Keep your eyes on road, not the dogs

I believe the new Halfmoon dog park will be a distraction to the drivers on Route 236. Time will tell.

#MeToo affected more than Hollywood's elite

I would like to address the #MeToo movement. I think it's phenomenal, I think it's wonderful. You have movie stars, athletes, and important people from all walks of life coming forward. Some of them paid, some haven't. However, what about us? What about us the regular normal, we were normal, people that have nowhere to go and no one to tell. We have the family members, the uncle, and the brother unfortunately, the adult male cousin that babysat, and we have them all. Even if we told our families they did not want to hear it. So most of us didn't tell anybody, we were afraid, but the shame and the embarrassment have affected all of our lives and we have nowhere to go with this. There are no local groups that I know of. I know we can call rape crisis, most of this for me, I'm a senior citizen now, and it affected my entire life. The man is dead, I hope he's in hell, but we have nowhere to go. I just hope the #MeToo movement maybe will branch out eventually to us, the regular, working class people, whose lives were ruined. As far as the statute of limitations, the people who made that statute of limitations I'm sure this never happened to them. So the predators have the statute of limitations but people like us we get to live with this until the day we die and it's so, so sad. We were only little kids. Thank you so much Sound-Off. I know it's a tricky subject, but it needs to be said. Thank you.

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GOP didn't raise taxes, liberal Dems did

I'm going to try and make this as civil as possible; it's not going to be easy. First of all, the GOP i.e. Republican party and our tell it like it is President Trump did not raise your taxes. Period. The liberal Democrats who won the state raised taxes. President Trump refuses to let the tax savvy states subsidize high tax states any longer. Why should other states who control spending subsidize states like New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts or California. Liberal Democrats voted these tax and spend Democrats in, so now you will pay the price. Maybe now you will wake up, now that it's going to hit you in the wallet. New York is the highest taxed state in the union. So don't say GOP raised taxes, the liberals did and it can be changed.

Trump's not crazy...you’re crazy!

It's been a year since President Trump has been in office and all we've been hearing is 'Russian collusion, Russian collusion,' now what is it? It's 'he's unstable,' 'he's got dementia.' They couldn't get him so now they go after his son, Jr. for the Russian thing. The stock market is through the roof, consumer confidence is at an all-time level. It's just crazy. What do these people want and then they are asking him all this stuff 'Do you ever think he'll be as healthy as Obama?' The guy is 71-years-old, he's already healthier than Obama. Would you just give him a break and let him do his job? You people are the ones that are crazy. You newscasters giving him 'How can he be healthy if he eats McDonalds?' You people are crazy, you've lost your mind. Get over it. Hillary is gone, you've lost. For crying out loud.

Entitling your children

This is for all the parents that cater constantly to their kids, driving them to school every day, buying them expensive phones, paying them for chores they never do and then just handing them a $30,000 car as if they're entitled to it. Parents today are so out of touch on parenting and apparently the word 'No' is not in their vocabulary. I see kids get off buses that don't even think to bring up the trash cans. They don't mow, do dishes, clean their room, do their homework or are even told to eat what is put in front of them. Parents cook something different for each kid. Well, what do you expect, look at their role model. People pay to have their lawns mowed, flowers and shrubs planted, shovel and painting, people to clean the house, maids, cooks and on and on and on. Don't expect these kids to be around when you're suffering with cancer, Alzheimer’s or any other terminal issues. Giving kids material things and refusing to let them find and learn and earn their own way is sickening and despicable and you all have the nerve to say 'How proud you are of them?' I'm so glad they're your kids and not mine.

Marching for the wrong reason

I'm watching the women's march on TV Jan. 19 and what hypocrisy. A bunch of ugly ladies all wanting the right to kill their unborn children. What has this world come too? Not any one of them knows even why the hell they're there. And also they don't know the development of an unborn child or the aborsional  procedures that are so horrific used to terminate a beating heart. I am ashamed of them and I hope this stops and they get educated because they're looking more stupid than ever.

Media covers the march, not the pro-life rally

Yesterday and today, Saturday and Sunday we heard about the women's march all over the place. Yet, not one word about the pro-life event that occurred the day before. Not one word? How come? And women's rights. What would happen if men were to march for men's rights? They're being discriminated against. Women's rights march is supposed to be about equality. Where is the equality. Why is it O.K. for any group to be incredulous against any other group just because they have to different views?

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