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Confederate flag flown in Clifton Park

Sound Off

In regards to the Confederate flag that is being flown on a tree (in the Northern part of New York, Clifton Park, Grooms Rd) with red, how can I put it, red display which to me is displaying blood is basically a sign of again, hate. Obviously that flag is still being flown in the South basically by alt-right groups, groups that hate and that represents slavery. Back in those times when slavery was displayed with the Klu Klux Klan, what flag was displayed -- the Confederate flag. I'm really having a hard time understanding people's rationale that 'Well, it's a flag, he has the right.' 

He does have the right, but he's displaying it. So he's displaying it for an apparent reason and again in regards to the authorities, they really need to take a look at what's going on in that compound, on that property because again we're supposed to be moving in the right direction. It seems like we're going in the wrong direction, especially when people basically use this as an excuse to display their protests.

Support for Sound-Off

I just read the Sound-Off column where someone complained that they think the column is extremely tacky and that it makes the paper unprofessional. I beg to differ because I think it's a wonderful opportunity to get something off their chest and just to air out their views. As far as this person thinking it’s extremely tacky, well, you have the opportunity to turn the page and not read the Sound-Off column.

Halfmoon Fire Department yard in disarray 

The Halfmoon Fire Department fire station on Route 434 is turning into a dump. There are old cars and debris all over the yard. Every time you call the firehouse to complain no one will take your calls. Something needs to happen there.

Halfmoon going to the dogs

Halfmoon has done a lot of very good things this past year. The dog park is not one of them and so close to public viewing...bad idea.

Candidate financing help

Election Day Tuesday, Nov. 7 is coming fast. Look up candidates to see who is giving them money and how they are spending it. You can do this by going to www.elections.ny.gov and then go to campaign finance and go to view disclosure reports and then view candidate or committee by name. You can see all the candidates and committees registered with New York State Board of Elections. Remember to get out and vote.

SNAP benefit reduction hits home

I am a recipient of SNAP which is a nice word for food stamps. A few months ago I received a form letter stating that the amount I receive monthly may go down. Well, it did go down. I am in my 70s, I am a widow, and all I receive is social security. Unfortunately I do not receive anything else. My rent, my living expenses, everything comes out of social security. I'm wondering, Oh, national grid has gone up, so now I figure I'll be wearing my winter coat because I'm not going to be able to afford too much heat in my apartment and now the SNAP benefits have gone down which may not seem like a lot, but to people like me it is and I'm sure there are many others in the same boat. Why are we the ones being penalized? Why aren't middle class, upper middle, millionaires, what are they being penalized? Why does it always come from the people who can least afford it? We're struggling to survive. Something is very, very wrong with the system so to speak. 

Thank you Sound-Off. I really wish there is something that could be done, but I know with politics probably nothing will be done.

Vote 'Yes' Dec. 5

Be sure to vote Yes Dec. 5 for the 36-acre land sale to the Town of Clifton Park. This is the final step to securing this beautiful downtown forest for a park. We've worked hard for a full year for this crucial vote. Vote 'Yes' and future generations will thank you.

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Against proposed tax changes

The proposed changes in the federal tax code will favor the rich and corporations at the expense of the poor and middle class. Congress claims that the middle class will receive a lower tax rate, but that will be offset by fewer deductions. Taxpayers will no longer have the option to deduct state and local taxes, medical expenses and personal and family exemptions. In addition to greater limitations on reductions for property taxes and mortgage interest. This will actually cause a net increase in taxes for millions of poor and middle class families. 

However corporations and the rich will receive the biggest reduction in taxes. Congress favors the wealthy as they are the biggest donors to their political campaigns. Please write to your senators and congressmen to protest this injustice.

Severest penalty for terrorist

Congratulations to President Trump. While I don't agree with everything that Trump does, he's absolutely right asking for the death penalty for anybody that kills our citizens in the name of terrorism. Enough is enough. Let's support the death penalty for the right reasons.

Dems politicizing another tragedy

Senator Schumer and the rest of the Liberals in this state and everywhere else in the country are quick to say that Trump is politicizing what happened yesterday in New York City. Isn't that ironic. They are the first ones to politicize the shooting in Las Vegas and every other thing that happens. Now they are calling this politicization because it's Trump doing it? How gosh darn ironic is that when they are always the first ones to jump the gun?

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