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Sound-Off assisting barber shop


Given the volume and given the time over which people have been commenting on the barber shop. I think the barber shop owner is a marketing genius.

Animal reference was sarcastic

I have to laugh. Last week I called up and said something about the cross on the barber shop's lawn, I called him an animal. I was being sarcastic, it's a word, look it up. You people got to lighten up, jeepers creepers.

Land seller's remorse

Wow, school district had to lose a $1 million so the Town of Clifton Park could have a park. Absolutely ridiculous.

Thanks to Clifton Park Highway Dept.

Just wanted to say thank you to Clifton Park Highway Department for what a great job they do in the winter in Dutch Meadows. Thanks again.

A gift from Spoon and Whisk

I don't know how else to say this, but here goes. I have patronized Spoon and Whisk for several years attending some of their cooking classes, buying some specialty items which required expert advice on them. I've bought and received gift certificates, but one thing that stands out is on this past Sunday I went in to buy a few things for myself, kind of like a early Christmas present to me. When I arrived home inside the bag was a gift item that I thought was put in my bag by mistake. It had a bow on it and a tag that read 'Happy Holidays, We appreciate your business! From your friends at Spoon and Whisk.'

This is the first time ever that a merchant surprised me with a gift. Thank you and Merry Christmas to all at Spoon and Whisk. Happy Holidays!

Land sale another loss

Let me get this straight. First you Greenies vote take a $1 million less for the land the school was selling than we could have gotten if it was sold to a private company to create, yes, another park. No. 15 or 16, I've lost count.

Now I read we have to get a grant to pay for the development of it to build another park? You people are idiots. You're just like the people who live in Albany, Schenectady and Rennselaer County, keep voting liberal. It's worked out so well for them.

That barber

Responding to the Dec. 8 Sound-Off regarding that quote 'animal' barber. This slanderous article is probably from one of the individuals that took issue earlier this year with the black face lawn jockeys. The jockeys are in honor of Jacko Graves, Google it.

Calling the owner of this shop an animal is an egregious defamation of him. He pays tribute to the Vietnam War vets with his flags and statues. He honors World War II vets by not charging them for hair cuts and he volunteers his time at nursing homes giving free hair cuts. In short, the owner of this shop means no harm and in my opinion does not have a mean or bigoted bone in his body. Get off his back.

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Santa gets a ride from Jonesville FD

Thank you Jonesville Fire Department for taking Santa through our neighborhood, Dutch Village in Jonesville. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you guys.

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