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The anonymous Sound Off caller who said that, by selling excess property to the town for a park, the school board is “throwing away” $1 million and a large school tax revenue forever, is selfish, shortsighted, and terribly divisive in calling for a “no” vote in the upcoming referendum.

I’m proud that my town government and my school district’s board listened to the petitioners and did the right thing for the common good. And I’m particularly proud of the decent, civic-minded people who organized to try to compel the powers-that-be to pay attention to something more than merely getting a nominally better “deal” in purely commercial terms. Let’s vote yes in big numbers and show that Clifton Park is more than just a safe place with low taxes and decent schools and services -- which is nothing to sneeze at, by the way. But Clifton Park could be even better and more progressive. This park project, if the voters approve, will be a good start. I hope we have more, smart, citizen-led initiatives in the future.

Thank you Friends of Clifton Park Open Space. Everybody, please vote yes.

Al Cannistraro

Clifton Park

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