The Arctic spring is arriving 16 days earlier than it did a decade ago, according to a new study which shows climate change is shifting the season earlier more dramatically the further north you go. The research, published in the Journal Scientific Reports, comes amid growing concern about the warming of Greenland, Siberia, Alaska and other far northern regions, which have recently experienced unusually prolonged and frequent midwinter temperature spikes.

This winter, many cities in Alaska were considerably warmer than states referred to as “The Continental States.” Global Warming refers to the whole planet, not the Northeastern USA, nor even all of the continental 48 states. It is all of the planet. Australia experienced the hottest summer ever recorded. Africa, south of the equator, along with parts north of the equator, is also in the mist of a massive heat wave, and drought.

It is time to face facts and listen to the scientists, climatologists, and experts. We can do something about global warming.

Edward F. Wagner

Clifton Park

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