The special referendum on Dec. 5 is a rare opportunity to cast a ballot for a school district proposal that will have such a far-reaching impact. I urge the voters in the Shenendehowa School District to vote “yes” on the sale of the Shen land to the town of Clifton Park.

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The 37 acres in our town center can serve as catalyst for cultural and economic growth within the town center district. Because the land is located adjacent to our newest elementary schools, the library, YMCA and CAPTAIN, it can become a center of activity for each of these vital resources. What a great opportunity to provide a natural environment for our kids to learn and play in.

Moreover, it is a perfect location for everyone to enjoy. The town center plan was enacted with the objective of having a walkable commercial area. The 37 acre park can help accelerate the realization of the ideas that are the foundation of the plan. Developers will have a greater incentive to construct residential projects in the town center if their future customers have access to a real park. Not many retirees or young professionals are looking to locate in a purely commercial district. They want a lifestyle that is recreation-oriented. Hence, a true park can actually lead to a more vibrant business area as envisioned in the town center plan which means more jobs and increased tax revenues.

Please vote “yes” on Proposition #1 to sell the Shen land to the town. Voting for this sale is a simple but powerful way to support both our kids and the future of our community.

Daniel Mathias

Ballston Lake

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