HALFMOON, N.Y. — The town administration has proposed a tentative budget for next year that will increase spending just under $.5 million while maintaining the town’s longtime policy of having no town tax to support town government.

The recently released budget has a total of $11,347,026 in appropriations from the General Fund and the Highway Fund for the upcoming year. The amount is an increase of $467,709 from what is expected to be appropriated from the 2019 budget.

The administration is proposing a budget of $7,250,760 for the General Fund next year. Those monies will be used to run the functions of town government, including the salaries of those departments located in town hall and the justice building.

Increases in expenditures are proposed for the town clerk’s office, the Justice Department, the Finance Department and for the maintenance of the town buildings including town hall and the nearby town court building. Taken together the spending increases total $146,000.  

Other areas slated for increased appropriations are the Halfmoon Senior Center and the town parks. The senior center will see its spending allotment increased by $35,000 to help with equipment, personnel services, and programming while the budget line for the town’s parks will increase by $65,600 to help with equipment and personnel.

With no property tax revenue coming into the General Fund the town conservatively manages its expenditures while major part of its revenue comes from its share of the county sales tax as well as the state mortgage tax. The town is predicting it will receive a total $7.2 million from its share of the sales tax.

The tentative budget shows a total of $5.5 million, the majority of the fund’s revenue, coming from the town’s share of the county landfill, the county’s cable TV franchise and a portion of its sales tax distribution. If the prediction is accurate it will give the town an increase on this budget line of $442,000 from the 2019 estimate.

The General Fund also expects to get $700,000 in mortgage tax, $220,000 from parks and recreation fees, $110,000 in Planning Board fees, $60,000 from Transfer Station charges, $200,000 in building permits, and $300,000 from forfeited bail.

Of interest is the fact that the amount budgeted to be received by the town in revenue from building permits is expected to decrease next year by $35,000; the second year in a row that particular budget line will have seen a reduction. Associated with that is the decrease in mortgage tax expected next year.

The Highway Fund budget for 2020 of $4.1 million is an increase of $200,000 from 2019. As with the General Fund the largest expense is for salaries.

The Highway Fund will receive $2.2 million  from the town’s share of the county sales tax distribution, $192,000 in state aid, and $100,000 from the sale of old equipment. The Fund will also generate $1.6 million from the highway tax, an increase of $180,000 from 2019.   

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