HALFMOON, N.Y. — The Planning Board Monday set a date for a public hearing on one of the more unique subdivisions to be built in the town in recent years.

The board will take comments from the public on Sept. 9 regarding site plans for the proposed 37-lot Eastpointe Homes Planned Development District (PDD) subdivision on Cemetery Road.

Though the town has seen other subdivisions that included smaller homes on smaller lots, the Eastpointe project will be the first full subdivision built in town using this design.

The homes will be between 1,200-square-feet and 1,400-square-feet each and be built on minimum lots that are 40 feet by 100 feet (4,000-square-feet) each. The lots will also have reduced front yard, side yard, and rear yard setbacks. Ownership and maintenance responsibilities are to be assumed by a home owners association.

The 7.86-acre Cemetery Road site is approximately 1,100 feet northwest of the road’s intersection with Old Route 146. The subdivision will have a main vehicle entrance from Cemetery Road and a second, emergency only access from the road nearby. The houses will be marketed to retirees and first time homebuyers.

The Eastpointe Homes project review has been a years-long cause for concern for several nearby residents due to an expected increase in traffic on the winding and undulating road. Developer Scott Earl requested and received Town Board approval in April to amend the PDD legislation for his 27-unit Inglewood PDD townhome project to include the Eastpointe Home project. The Inglewood project is nearby and occupied.

An earlier Planning Board review of the PDD amendment request sparked comments from one neighbor’s legal representative. In a letter to the board the attorney noted that it was his opinion the request to amend the Inglewood PDD legislation was, “a disingenuous way to seek to add acreage to the proposal so that the density appears lower than it actually is.”

At a public hearing before the Town Board in April many of those neighbors again stated their concerns. Project developer Scott Earl noted at that April meeting that there is high demand for smaller homes on smaller lots and that the Eastpointe Homes project would be an alternative to the area’s more expensive retirement communities.

Town approval of the PDD amendment was given later that month. As part of the approval for the Eastpointe project to move forward, the plans must include a digital speed limit sign and a revised grading plan at the subdivision’s entrance.

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