HALFMOON, N.Y. — Residents of southern Saratoga County looking for a place where they can get high-end chocolates and candies will soon be able to satisfy that desire with the opening of Big G’s Sweet Spot and Chocolate Bar.

The Halfmoon Planning Board gave its approval for the project after hearing the plans from owner Regina Falco (aka Big G) at its July 22 meeting.

Falco intends to transform a 1,100-square-foot space in Shamrock Plaza, 1602 Route 9, into a business that fulfills not just her dream but one deeply held by many chocolate lovers. The business will not only sell quality chocolates and chocolate products as well as candies but will also help customers with special event requests like chocolate fountains and other specialty products.

Falco has her goal set on providing an old-fashioned sweet shop with displays in one section and a serving counter where the sweets can be consumed in another. A comfortable seating area where customers can sip specialty hot chocolates is also part of the plan.

“I’ve lived in Clifton Park for 20 years and with the closure of Saratoga Sweets and Lindsey’s Country Store there’s no place to buy quality chocolates here anymore,” she said. “I aim to change that.”

Falco has experience in owning and running businesses, including a sweet shop. She owned Extreme Sweets in Cohoes and Big G’s Bar in the same city. She also established and ran R. Falco Insulation Company for many years. At the moment she’s managing the Latham branch of Uncle Sam’s Candies.

“I want [to] bring Uncle Sam’s to Clifton Park and Halfmoon, a place where there is nothing like it right now,” she said. “Uncle Sam’s Candies is a company with a long history and a great reputation for quality chocolates. They have 12 chocolatiers there who can make anything I want.”

The location of the Chocolate Spot in Shamrock Plaza will be in one section of a building that was once occupied by Parkway Music. The business entrance will face Trick Shot Billiards. Falco is a pool player and belongs to the Amateur Pool Association and knows the tables at Trick Shots well.

“I was there all the time playing pool and saw the vacant spot sitting there for quite a while,” she said. “When I noticed there were no longer any shops around where someone could buy good chocolate I jumped at the opportunity. It was a perfect storm for me.”

Falco said she wants her business to offer anything a candy store offers its customers plus be a party planner for those seeking large quantity party favors, chocolate sculptures, cakes, chocolate-covered strawberries and of course chocolate fountains.

“If you can dream it, you can have it,” she said.

The business also plans to offer customers sweets that are sugar-free, gluten-free, lactose-free, and vegan goodies along with items like brownie sundaes, old fashioned strawberry shortcake, and chocolate sushi where the raw fish has been replaced with crunchy puffed rice and chocolate.  

She is hoping to have the business opened by the middle of September or early October.

“We’ll have nostalgic old-style candies and chocolates,” she said. “I see this as similar to an old-fashioned ice cream shop where chocolate replaces the ice cream.”

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